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Planet Roonie makes sure you are having a good time. We care for your privacy, well-being, and mental health :)

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Eye-catching Design.

Embedded information channels, button self roles, beautiful role icons, and much -MUCH more.

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Instant help and support from our perfectly trained helpers always ready to help. You will talk to a human everytime.

Planet Roonie Discord Server Screenshot
Planet Roonie Discord Server Screenshot

Ever changing themes.

We change our server theme every month as a way for us to tribute the current events/ important day/ or the season.

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We are constantly trying to make Planet Roonie -- a better place for you, a better place for your friends, and new comers. As an effort contributing to that, we have to make sure certain rules are being followed within the server. A set of written rules allows our Moderation Team to keep the chat clean and free from violation that might cause harm to your comfort in the server.

It is our duty to keep the server safe and it is your responsibility to follow our set rules.


1 All given rules apply at all times during your time in the server.

2 To make it easier for our Management Team to moderate the chat, the server is English Only. You must communicate in English at all times in the server. Including voice chats. Zalgo text, made up languages, and other literary languages aren't allowed.

3 While we try to be inclusive of everyone, we have to follow Discord's ToS that's why we have to ban everyone under the age of 13 or age limit of Discord in your country.

4 Copying the assets (server icon, banner, embeds design, rules & info, embed headers, custom-emojis, role icons) of Planet Roonie isn't allowed and we'll take action immediately.

5 No questioning the mods. Talking back, disrespecting, mocking or disobeying the mods is not allowed. The staff has the final say. However, if you have any complaints against a staff member, you may contact a higher position staff.

Thank you for reading. Also read the chat rules and VC rules.


RULE 1: Be respectful; keep negativity to a minimum

Treat everyone how you would like to be treated. Do not directly swear or make rude comments to other users, starting unnecessary fights and drama will not be tolerated here. Civil debates are allowed to an extent however creating fights that will lead to nowhere will result in a punishment.

RULE 2: No Inappropriate/NSFW content

Keep things appropriate for everyone. Sending NSFW content, such as messages, media or overall sexual behavior will result in serious consequences. Having inappropriate remarks in your public profile will also result in a ban.

RULE 3: No Profane Language

Simple swearing (e.g. f*ck and sh*t) is allowed to a certain extent (refer to rule 1) but using extreme slurs that are racist, homophobic, transphobic or discrimination at all will result in a permanent ban.

RULE 4: No Spamming

Spamming can mean many things, examples are sending many messages within a short period of time, sending text walls (messages that take space on a lot of the screen), chaining lyrics, sending attachments repetitively etc. Making the overall experience in the chat bad can also be considered spam.

RULE 5: No Mini-modding

If something needs to be moderated, leave it to the staff. Don't moderate the server or give out false information to users. If you think something needs to be taken care of, ping an active staff member or report the issue in #support-tickets.

RULE 6: No Begging

Do not ask for free Nitro, Roles, Bot currency or anything else. We don't randomly hand out things for free excluding giveaways. Do not ask for free stuff, continuing will result in a punishment.

RULE 7: Terms of Service

Abide by the Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Not following to do so may result in a ban from the server.

RULE 8: Wasting Staff's Time

Do not waste staff's time, this can include direct messaging staff to appeal your punishment, opening tickets for no reason, or annoying them in general. If you have a complaint against a higher staff member, contact a higher position staff.

RULE 9: Advertisement

Promoting your socials, servers or creations outside of advertising channels is strictly prohibited. DM Advertising will result in an instant ban.

RULE 10: Use Common Sense

You may be warned for certain rules that are not listed here. We can't list everything but be a decent human being and don't be stupid and you'll stay. Loopholing these rules can result in severe punishment.


1 Keep swearing at its minimum while in Voice Chats. Swearing directly at someone is not allowed. Any form of slurs/toxicity is not allowed.

2 Loud, obnoxious, 'ear-raping' noises in VC is not allowed. You are not allowed to scream into your mic.

3 Do not use any sort of voice changer which might disturb others, and refrain from using any sort of soundboard effects through your mic.

4 Do not keep joining and leaving VC rapidly. This might result in a quarantine. This is also annoying for users in the VC.

5 Abusing #Join To Create will result in punishments.

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